Friday, October 20, 2006

Shoe Advice from G.S. NYC

Hi everyone - I just got my first real "Dear Guerilla Shopper" letter (and my response), that I thought I'd share:

Dear Guerilla Shopper:
You and I both know I don't really like to shop even though no one can dispute that I have a particular look going -- mostly that look involves lots of black and very particular levels of minimal ornament. It is extremely rare that I'm ever truly haunted by something that I must have. But every once in a blue moon something like these boots comes into my radar:
Now the last time I spent that much money on a pair of boots was 4 years ago. In the heat of the moment I spent $750 on pair of Jimmy Choo ankle boots. Did I regret it? Temporarily. Except I wear them to this day and they are never going out of style, are built like Bentleys and I'll probably have them for at least ten more years. What should I do?
Not Really a Shopper
**but recently had a bump in income and has no mortgage or children.
Dear N R a S (brhabiiahnmoc):

My first thought? "Shit girl those are hotter than blazes, GO FOR IT"
I have short boots with heels like that, and I got them at DSW, so check there first just to make sure, but I have a feeling you will have to pay up on this one. Sometimes, mostly with shoes, you just can't get out inexpensively. If this will make you like the Goddess that you are, than do it. (but just check DSW first quickly, for me...)


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