Sunday, October 08, 2006

Woodbury Commons: Tahari

I wasn't exactly sure how to come at the Woodbury Commons topic - so vast, so complex, so off the New York State Thruway (exit 16). My main advice to you is this: call in sick at work and go during the week - and not on a holiday. There are buses and trains that go up there if you aren't blessed with a car or helicopter to call your own.

One of my favorite stores at this outdoor mall experience is Tahari. Why? Because I got this suit there (there's a knee-length skirt underneath this fab coat) for $239.95 - regularly $798 - for a savings of $558.05. However, I am having the darndest time finding the perfect top and shoes to go with it - see even the Guerilla Shopper faces tragic shopping adversity.

Looking back on my most recent journey to the WC in early September, I think my favorite stores are: Escada (amazing vibrant colors), Diane VonFurstenberg (a vast array of styles, much to my glee) and Ferragamo (talk about quality). There was another shoe store that I had never heard of called Pancaldi -- very European looking stuff; interesting. OK fine, I'll admit it! The Coach store too (the G.S. usually rebuffs such pervasive brands...but this brand has got it going on, tons of merch in here).

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Danielle Arceneaux said...

Another strategy is to hit the WC first thing in the morning. I recently woke up on Saturday and was one the 9am bus. Had a good 2-3 hours without crowds.

Laura - you forgot to mention the Barney's Co-Op, which rocks. I also got a truly wicked pair of patent leather platform stilettos at Via Spiga for, like, $60.

Another tip - register online as a VIP and get a coupon booklet at the Information Center. I felt really stupid doing it, but felt better when I got 25% off at Barneys.