Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Furniture part I: Pink Couchie

There is something extremely important about making that leap from milk crates-and-Ikea to real live, grown-up furniture. First of all, the prices of grown-up furniture are like Crazy Eddie: INSANE. Secondly, like good shoes and haircuts, IT IS WORTH IT.

During the past several years I have painstakingly sought the perfect pieces of furniture to adorn my sprawling 1-bedroom apartment. To the point where it's arguable that nothing actually goes together, but I have convinced myself it's ecclectic and that each piece will serve as the perfect foundation for each room of that breathtaking penthouse I will certainly inherit from a long lost uncle.

Anyway, back in the real world, a couple of years ago I began a serious mission to buy a new pink couch, as the couch I "borrowed" from my parents' house had lost all hope. She and I were the same age, and she didn't wear as well. Sadly, she had lost the spring in her step...

So what did I do? I listened to my parents and visited the Furnitureland South web site where I found Drexel Heritage brand furniture and decided it looked pretty good. At the time there was a Drexel Heritage store in NYC, so I visited it, checked out the couches, the fabrics and the accessories, wrote down all of the corresponding product ID numbers and ordered it through Furnitureland South instead...for half the price (no wonder the retail store went out of business!).

So I got my $1,500 pink (OK, "salmon") couch for less than $800! As a result of having saved so much moola, I also decided to order 4 oversized throw pillows in fabulous fancy fabric of my choice. To top it all off, the kind folk at Furnitureland South delivered the goods and set it up in my pad. This kind of service cannot be overlooked!

Stay tuned for the next furniture edition: beds...

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