Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Favorite Filene's Basement

There are three Filene's Basements in Manhattan. My favorite is on Broadway @ 79th St. because it has the best clothing - don't let the dowdy window display on the 79th side fool you. The ground floor (especially on the left side, as you walk in the door) is stocked full of designer labels - from the tried and true to the more obscure. It's not a huge area so the clothes are packed in and the racks are very close to one another - so get ready to maneuver.

I had spent far more time in the other locations (on 6th Ave. and 18th St. and in Union Square - above my beloved DSW!) because this one is the furthest from my apartment. But I should have known better - I found my mom a great Adrienne Vittadini outfit there a few years ago.

The two pieces shown in today's pulitzer-prize winning photo are both Ted Baker - each, originally $195, were given a home (by me) for $69.99 a piece. Thats both for a total of $139.98, still $55.02 less than one piece would have cost at retail.

The line for the dressing room in here can get a bit long and tedious, snaking through the exercise gear -- so volunteer to do your fittings in the "community" room located in the rear of the dressing room. Three-to-four people can fit in there, and we're all Ladies with a capital "L," so who cares. You need to use your time wisely so that you can squeeze more econoshopping into your day. Time is money!

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