Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Secret Favorite Store in NYC: Les Nanas

OK, I am going to share something with you. Something that I have kept a secret from almost everyone I know. Hopefully this shows my new found maturity. My favorite store in New York is...(drum roll)...Les Nanas de Gramercy on Third Ave. near 21st St.

Intimate, unique, fun, friendly, beautiful...these are just some of the words to describe this boutique, the merchandise, and the staff. Everything is straight from Paris, picked out personally by the owner, Natalie. There is something for everyone regardless of age or size. It makes me want to work there or open a Les Nanas west.

I have bought some of the coolest, most interesting sweaters, jewelry, skirts, tops, outfits and more. I typically spend several hours over two days about four or five times a year in here - the first day checking everything out, the second day trying everything on. There is so much great stuff that I have a terrible time picking out what I like best. The salespeople are excellent, knowledgable and attentive. They remember their clientele and cater to each person's needs. They are almost like a modern day hairdressers -- understanding your lifestyle and then trying to help you look better and feel great.

While it is not inexpensive, it is far cheaper than similar kinds of stores in Noho and Soho with much better service. Additionally, everything in the basement is always on sale - usually huge markdowns on last season's apparel.

Oh now I feel so vulnerable. But it shall not stop me from my Mission! Stay tuned...
Love, G.S. NYC

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