Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I went to Barneys Warehouse Sale

(Photo courtesy of Racked.com)
Yes, I went. Last night after work at around 6:15 p.m. It was not crowded at all. But it was calm chaos nevertheless. Shoes all over the place, clothes all over the place. I was almost moved to buy some shoes, but then thought that perhaps I should wait til the final day and return in hopes of scoring a real bargain. The prices are certainly lower than usual, but I wouldn't have felt as though I had led a retail revolution. Also, so many of the shoes have 4-inch heels, and my feet have been through the wars the past couple of years, so I just can't try and hobble around the city that way any longer. At least not until I get a podiatrist on the case.

I was also seeking an evening bag, but the prices were too Crazy Eddie for me. As you might know, I am not a handbag lover, so I won't throw down hundreds of dollars for something I may only use twice.

And in closing, the sizes are teeny tiny. Seemingly Barneys equates a 10 with huge mongo giantism and they shove that small rack off in the corner for the "special people." OK, maybe I'm feeling a little bit out of shape this mid-winter week, but you get my (snow)drift.

I also went to Loehmann's right 'round the corner looking for similar items. That place was (is) a disaster and I found no bag there either. However, they did have what appeared to be a recent shipment of fancy schmancy shoes including many styles from Sigerson Morrison that you might want to check out.

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