Friday, February 29, 2008

Ladybugs on Sale!

Dori O'Dea, of Ike Designs Jewelry is offering the following....

This little ladybug is sterling silver laced with garnet, onyx, hematite and a touch of pink sapphire. You can specify all garnet if you don't want any pink and let me know what length chain you would like (from 15 1/2" up to 18"). The ladybug measures 5/8" in body, and about one inch from tip to tip. Each one is handmade, so slightly different, but will look pretty much like this original one.

How did she come up with this idea? "While watching a chick flick (not something I do very often), I took note of a story that one of the characters told. When she was a little girl, she wanted to see ladybugs so much that she sat in the grass, eagerly looking for the ladybugs. Exasperated and frustrated at not seeing any, she fell asleep. When she awoke, she was covered in ladybugs. She reminded me to let go a little have faith...and to enjoy all the time I have. So I made this little ladybug to remind me of all these things. We all need to let go a little bit and know that all the things we wish for really do come our way when we let them; not always on OUR time, but always at the RIGHT time. Dare to dream of your own ladybugs! And trust in your own ladybugs! It might be hokey, but it works for me...remember that the ladybugs will come if you let them, whatever those ladybugs may be..."

Visit if you would like a little ladybug to hang gently from your neck...

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Michelle K. said...

The story behind the ladybug was enough for me to buy one!