Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SAMPLE SALE: Milly Maniacs scooped up...

...Velvet skirts with scalloped edges and ruffle-edged bustle details for $39 and black wool sweaters embellished with gold pallets at Clothing Line sample sale (see pic.) - all look like samples from FashionWeek. A brand that is almost never on sale - anywhere - and costs even more at Michael's Consignment making this sale worth the clothing-hanger-stalking staff who will report you to the manager if you do not hang up every single item and place it back on the rack. Guilty.

$39 for skirts and sweaters and a cool camel trench in leather for $199. It-girl sweater dresses. Yellow gold lurex sweaters and...wait, was that a runway prototype cocktail dress I spotted? Sprint down to Clothing Line at 36th St. Buy for you - a friend - a co-worker - the barista at Starbuck's...spread the savings joy.

261 West 36th (between 7th & 8th), 2nd floor - Tuesday, 11 - 7 pm, Wednesday 11 - 7 pm.

~nancy brenner, don't call it a comeback

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