Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If the black Prada suede slipper fits: Memorial Sloan Thrift Shop

Natty dressers - some of them pro-resellers, others, newbies - at the bag check (yes bag check!) at the Sloan-Kettering Thrift Shop, to peruse Pradas safely ensconced behind the counter. A shopping "show and tell" of sorts, since you have to ask the women staffing the sale for help, and then they will show.  If you don't mind a used Prada pair, you can score one for $95.  Costume jewelry collectors, who imparted the air of authority of the Antiques Road Show, came prepared with their own jewelry loupes to inspect the original offerings. You can find also anything from tea spoons, a J. Crew skirt for $25, cashmere sweaters, jackets with fur, a leopard cocktail clutch, etc. 

Today is the Fall kick-off.  
If you can't make it today, check 10 days from now when new stock will arrive, according to our source. 
1440 Third Ave. (81st - 82nd St.)
10a-5:30p today.

~nancy brenner

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Anonymous said...

If you're looking for used Prada shoes, the place to go is the Ladies Village Improvement Society thrift shop in East Hampton. I've bought a couple pairs of Prada there, plus some Gucci loafers, and a pair of Manolos (which I ended up re-donating because they didn't really truly fit) for about $20 bucks per pair.

And if you're a size 2, you can get a zillion-dollar only-worn-once wardrobe for an average of $5 per piece. I've never seen anything there over $40, even for perfect high-end current things.