Tuesday, August 03, 2010

To Every Shoe, There is a "Silver Lining"

Brought to all the fine ladies of New York (and beyond) who can't bear not to be bare.  Do you wear your shoes without socks or stockings all summer long?  And as a result, do you sometimes have that "not so fresh" feeling?  Well, Silver Linings keep your feet feeling fresh and also help preserve your shoes to ensure additional milage.

Silver Linings are infused with Agion(R) antimicrobial, a silver-based technology that prevents growth and action of bacterial odor.  They cost $15.99 for three pairs, each lasting up to one month.

I have been trying them out and have to say they seem to work and have some impact on the freshness of my feet and shoes.  They are extremely thin and comfortable.  I'd say, worth giving them a shot.

And now that this post sounds entirely like a late-night infomercial, I will conclude with this: Best for flats and pumps.

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