Monday, August 16, 2010

Glasshouse: selling vintage Blenko and Empoli glass since 1998

I acquired this Empoli Verde Vase at the Glasshouse showroom in the Village the other day.  I don't own any vases that didn't just come for free with an FTD flower arrangement, so when I saw this "leaning tower" I just had to have it.  However, it was just one amazing piece among a vast collection of colorful, top-quality, unique vintage pieces in the Glasshouse collection, curated by expert (and when I say EXPERT, I truly mean it) Damon Crain.  Probably more for the serious collector or interior decorator, but I would say that his pieces would also make a stellar wedding gift, or just gift to yourself - because you are THAT special (really, you are).  Pieces range from about $200-$3,500.  And while that might not sound like a bargain, most of them not only retain their value, but GROW in value.  So buy one and maybe in 80 years your great great grandkid will sell it on Pawn Stars or at least get a spot on Antiques Roadshow.

Details on pictured vase:
Tapered and curved cylindrical vase with two applied bands, circa 1920's. Measures 11.75 inches tall x 3.75 inches diameter.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you could've probably purchased this vase on ebay for $25. There is a hugh dicotomy between Crain's "glasshouse" prices and those actually realized on ebay, where he purchases many of his "finds".