Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friends cradles their cell while eyeing their pile at the Teri Jon sale

With sample prices at $50 for skirts, $65 for cocktail and day dresses, and $20 for cotton tops, women had piles of clothes to sift through.  "Stop whatever you're doing and get over here," was a common refrain at this sale where you can find a power interview suit, a date dress, a day dress, a cocktail dress, and Ivanka-worthy wow wear. Oprah cover dress - check. Elisabeth Hasselbeck top she wore on GMA - check. One woman said "watch out for the baby" - yes, there was a baby who was blase about the experience - maybe it wasn't her first time. If you're the sample size, you may never have to hit another sample sale or obsessively check for an entire season.  It's that good. Also stock sizes available - and helpful staff.  Leora will be your own Stacy London and let you know what works and what to toss or tailor.  She told one shopper. "think of it as a happy accident if the sample fits you." Grab a power bar before you go - you'll need your energy to sort the selection.
(See yesterday's post for time & place!  GSNYC)

~Nancy Brenner

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great sample sale! I wish I could have been there to find the perfect dress to wear to my niece's wedding. Maybe it's best I missed it--after all, I wouldn't want to show up the bride! :)