Sunday, October 10, 2010

Target - Mulberrys Gone - Customer Service Useless

Uh oh, Target, you messed with the wrong online shopper:

"Even though I had a highly coveted Mulberry Satchel, not the patent or leopard, but velvet, a good choice in this season's highly touted fabric, in my Target shopping cart, Target unceremoniously dumped it out as I was trying to check out. Waste of time for this heavily promoted alleged bonanza from the luxe English line. I called Target to complain. How many bags were available from the get-go? The call center girl Terry told me she had no idea why, but it was now sold out. I wanted to know why they heavily promoted an item and how many pieces did they originally have to offer and why my merch was dumped - this had never happened before at another retailer. I asked for a manager, but there was none available - turns out that it was too early for the call center on the Caribbean. The Gilt promotion of the Mulberry sold out within a minute or two. If it sounds too good to be true.... Companies should come clean - stop hyping these promotions if they have limited stock or be candid about how much they do have - like holiday door busters "limited stock" and each store may only have 50 items. Make nice to customers if you desire their patronage."

~Nancy Brenner


Anonymous said...

Their CS is useless. I ordered a bunch of now sold out items from their Tucker sale. Had no idea Target used UPS Basic service in NYC (final delivery by USPS or UPS; ONE delivery attempt only before it's sent back to Target aka oblivion). Most of their calls are routed to an offshore call center and have no idea what the heck UPS Basic is. My rec to you... wake up earlier next time.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the Mulberry for Target line in store yesterday at my local Target in NJ. (It took some searching to find the display since there wasn't any signage whatsoever.) I wasn't impressed with the materials or the overall look of the bags. They look cheap. All the bags bear a little metal plate that says "Mulberry for Target" so it's not like you could fool anyone anyway.

Outsource Call Center said...

Customer service isn't about being perfect. Customer service is about making things right, not just the immediate problem, but the root cause. And it is totally about listening to the customer.


Anonymous said...

Target online CS is useless. They don't have access to any more information than what is already there for the customer to plainly see on the website. I can't believe they pay people to sit there and repeat what was is already written. I could see if 90% of customer base is illiterate. But guess what Target, I can read and I can see that the item is out of stock. I'm calling CS for MOOOOORE information, you know the kind that's not already there!