Thursday, October 07, 2010

$15 Wick Trimmer: Cheapest NM Holiday Gift

No wonder they post the Christmas sales book at the first signs of Autumn. You need time to save for the $1.5M fantasy gifts Dale Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation...

For those with smaller wallets and deep desires for the NM gift box, a search in the $100 category yields Bamboo earbuds $20 which are "made of sleek and renewable natural bamboo and fit all iPod® and iPhone® models. Earbuds include a hands-free microphone and three sizes of ear tips; standard plug works with most audio devices. The case has a soft velvet backing. Imported. "(good to know). Or up the ante with a 2011 calendar silver-plated paperweight featuring the Neiman Marcus logo on the bottom. Only $25. Also imported.

Drumroll, please...
Gift Boxed Wick Trimmer. An elegant gift for your home and theirs, the silver-plated candle wick trimmer arrives in a gift box. Imported. $15!
Throw your hands up if you need a wick trimmer.

~nancy brenner

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