Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NM Last Call - Prices better than sample sales. And no shoving or stripping necessary.

After perusing the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book yesterday, checked out the new Last Call site today (which offered a 30% Columbus Day discount) and free shipping. Here's some of the discounts - Line Pella mini crossbody bag $61.60 - this brand is worn by starlets and a bag was just featured on the season opener of Courtney Cox vehicle "Cougar Town." A Plenty by Tracy Reese frock for only $42.00 and an on-trend fur pom pom scarf from blockbuster brand Adrienne Landau for only $35.00 in a choice of bright colors. Reasons to cheer.

Linea Pelle Veronica Perforated Mini Crossbody Bag, Pewter
Price $88.00
Promotional Offer (30%)
Promotional Price

Plenty by Tracy Reese Lace-Overlay Frock Dress
Price $60.00
Promotional Offer (30%)
Promotional Price $42.00

Item: LCF11_T31FR
Adrienne Landau Rabbit Pom Pom Scarf, Red
Price $50.00
Promotional Offer (30%)
Promotional Price $35.00

~Nancy Brenner

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