Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lambskin leathers $108 were retailing for a thou: Preview from Lafayette 148

Lowest price is $2 highest is $108.

Security was tight at today's friends and family sale - with good reason: the markdowns were a bigger percentage point drop than the Loubie sale. Lambskin leather jackets and skirts in many textures, colors and sizes and if you only add one new update item - this is it.

Don't overlook the skirts - a high-waisted snakeskin print skirt retailing for $498 is $40 here. For plus size women - a sequined merino cardigan is selling for a song - original price is $476. This sale has more choices than a peacock has feathers. From patent belts (only $2 - originally more than $100) to flower pins, to handbags to bolts of fabric (kudos to the few brave men who shopped this sale), every nook and cranny holds something you may have missed the first, second and even third sweep of the sale.

If you don't know this brand by now, shame on you! Check out,, or to see this brand.

148 Lafayette Street, 9 am start -

nan$y brenner

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Anonymous said...

The Score: How do you know when you’ve had a successful shopping experience at a Lafayette 148 sample sale? When you’ve purchased $1,958.00 worth of merchandise for $276.00 and no one had to be hospitalized.

What does $1,958.00 worth of merchandise look like? Its four gorgeous shimmering silk blouses (originally $298 each, sale price $40 each), and one fabulous summer-weight skirt suit: jacket (originally $498, sale price $65) and skirt (originally $268, sale price $40). My Lafayette wardrobe is growing nicely, thank you very much.

If I had to find one thing to complain about (I am a woman; OF COURSE I found something to complain about! Is this thing ‘on’?!), it would be that, as ever, there were only four racks dedicated to plus sizes. But if there were more racks, I’d probably still be shopping. As it is I have to go ‘cold turkey’ until the next Lafayette sale in May 2011, but it’s always worth the wait.

Thanks for the heads-up about the sale Nancy!