Monday, November 29, 2010

Daffy's: The Fifty Dollar Fun Card Challenge

The good people of Daffy's posed a challenge to yours truly: They'd give me a $50 gift card that I could spend at any of their stores, if in exchange, I would recount my experience and talk about my purchases here on the blog only known as Guerilla Shopper.  I accepted their gentlewoman's challenge with enthusiasm and stormed the Daffy's on E. 18th St. near 5th Avenue - the downsized version of the old location around the corner, which is now H&M.

The photo above is everything I purchased for $50.  Four scented candles, water bottle, mini-umbrella (houndstooth!), and by far my favorite: the Kangol hat (only $17 in the men's dept).

I like Daffy's for their housewares, knick-knacks and men's/children's department.  The latter being really impressive, actually.  I don't find the women's apparel as intriguing, perhaps because the ladies are so thorough and on top of it as soon as new merch arrives in-store.

Also, Daffy's (formerly Daffy Dan's - how y'like me now!?): can you get a dimmer switch on your lights?  I feel like I'm in 7-Eleven (not a good feeling when trying on bras).

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