Friday, November 05, 2010

Sample Sale Samurai Tips

With a tsunami of sample sales starting next week, here are Nancy Brenner's 10 tips:

1. Act like a retailer - take total inventory of your closet, then rearrange by color and function (i.e. weddings, work, weekend)

2. Not perfect? - If the dress need more alterations than a patient on "Nip/Tuck," skip it. A missing button or a busted zipper is a simple fix.

3. Where will you wear it? Spotted a dress in a blue hue that was my most flattering shade, but wasn't 100% sure. Luckily, the "sample sale whisperer" Leora at Teri Jon said, said "where will you wear it?" Sage counsel. I put it back on the pile.

4. Does this update my look? Search for statement makers, but not one-hit wonders. I suspect the ubiquitous fur vest will be on deep discount.

5. Donate or consignment items - to clear room in your closet and earn cash for sample sale spending.

6. Don't succumb to herd mentality - it's hard not to get carried away when everyone around you is swiping their credit cards - just remember - you don't know their credit ratings.
7. Know the retail value - Check the designer's website, and peruse retailer's websites to assess if it's a true bargain. Don't let a "sale" entice you.

8. Make a list - just like supermarket shopping, temptation lurks at the aisle or check-out. Focus on completing an unworn outfit - matches for a sweater or skirt hanging with tags still attached in your closet.

9. The "pow" factor - always leave room in your budget for unexpected find - but not fifteen of them.

And finally,
10. Does this make me look like Lady Gaga? - If it does, and you're not Lady Gaga, you should probably put it back on the rack - it's on sale for a reason.

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