Thursday, April 02, 2009

I Bought a Joe's Handbag off of Ideeli

The need for a new spring/summer bag with a shoulder strap converged with a need to try out ideeli last week. Ideeli describes itself as: "the first invite-only shopping community in the US." Anyway, I saw the pictured bag from Joe's at a huge discount. Something like regularly $179 for $79. And while Joe's isn't really my style, I kind of liked the look, function and green color, so I went for it.

Well, in the end after delivery and taxes, that $79 turned into $96.45 - not so cheap after all. And in person the bag is a little bit "mid-quality" with too many logo embellishments (some I can thankfully remove). And the shoulder strap - a main selling point - hooks 1/3 the way down the item, making it kind of fold-over in an inconvenient way. HOWEVER! I think I shall soldier through and use it for the upcoming season(s) 'cuz I still really like the color. You can call me Sprout, just don't call me the Jolly Green Giant.

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