Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Showroom Seven - A Report from the F&F Front

From sample sale shopper extraordinaire, Nancy Brenner...

Some people collect gold brooches or tennis bracelets, but bling can bust your budget, so I collect Erickson Beamon. Michelle Obama picks her pieces too. Coveting a high-impact look? Try earrings, cuffs, bib necklaces, bangles or bracelets on sale at international design rep Showroom Seven. Some of the bejeweled beauties and feathered cuffs by Erickson Beamon are worn down the runway at Bryant Park or crafted for fashion shoots at major mags. Ask showroom mistress Kara to tell you the tale of each piece. Beamon has a range of looks from studded necklaces in surprising colors like blues and pinks or pretty purple gemstones in the shape of a flower to flatter your wrist. Simply calling a piece a bracelet is understating the transformative power of her designs. Prices are up to two thirds off of retail.
And for the men, there are a few Andy & Debb snakeskin leather jackets embedded with sterling silver detail that simply must be seen and touched. Originally $2500, now $600.
If leather isn't your thing, try brands at Showroom like the highly sought after Orla Kiely - I've seen bags that haven't yet made it to the stores. Or try the on-trend fake fur or leopard look in a carryall from the Abbi line with a top price for a large tote for $75.
Showroom Seven's lines on sale includes shoes by Bloch London and dresses, sweaters, skirts and more from a range of designers.

This week's sample sale is for friends and family...but if you're reading this, you're now a friend. 263 11th Avenue 3rd Floor
Hours are from 10-7.
For more info call 212-643-4810 and ask for Kara - she'll help style you at the sale.

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