Monday, March 08, 2010

Best Buffed Men in NY...

...spend nooners at the Leather Spa where their bespoke shoes are polished to perfection.

This shop is is lined with tell-tale red soled Louboutins and exudes eau de exotic leather. A woman with a mink caplet and matching headband dropped off her boots for full treatment. My six-year + Barneys warehouse sale Prada boots looked like they would be in good hands. I also left a leather lambskin lasercut cut skirt with a rip (don't even ask how that happened). The results: the boots look like they never touched a sidewalk and the skirt - well if you can see where the original tear was - you are standing way too close to me.

If Dorothy's ruby reds needed a spit shine, she'd head to The Leather Spa. Expect to pay more than your neighborhood taps and heels guy, but this is the place if you need a little leather Botox, 10 West 55th St.

~Nancy Brennahhh


David said...

Sounds like a great place. I wonder what their prices are like?

michele said...

They are fair
I had a leather coat tear ( thanks LIRR sucky arm rests) fixed for $40 and another place quotedme $100 and said it would not look good. It looks GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I loved your blog -- too funny. I must admit that at first when I read, 'Best Buffed Men in NY...spend nooners at the Leather Spa', I thought I might have to dust off my handcuffs and put on my black patent leather knee boots (Bullwhips R Us was having a sale) to finish reading your post. But after I pulled my mind out of the gutter and my halo out of my handbag, all was right with the world again (my parents would be so proud).

Excellent information to have at one's fingertips. I wish I'd known about the Leather Spa before I trashed my much beloved Calvin Klein black leather jacket. It looked ancient and was beyond hope. Plus I'd grown weary of people asking me if it was the original jacket Moses wore those 40-years in the desert oh so long ago. Haters.