Sunday, October 23, 2011

SKULLS! by Devora Libin Jewels

Roxy II, Blue  $125

Poppy S., Rutilated Quartz & Onyx  $80
Devora Libin Jewels' publicist reached out to me regarding their latest collection.  It's rare to get pitched something this good by a PR person. And I should know, since I have been one for longer than I will admit. 

I am a huge fan of classy punk rock style.  And these pieces are the embodiment of that.  You can slip in and out of conventional society undetected, until someone looks closely, of course. 

The pictures tell the story, but just so you know, this stuff is super high-quality. And I really dig the glittering crystal pave beads and Swarovski crystal detailed skulls.  There are skull necklaces and earrings available online too, although wearing ALL skull jewelry at once might be overkill.  So check out the handcuff and pistol pieces to break up the monotony!

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