Saturday, December 17, 2011

AND SO IT BEGINS...1920s Restoration / Renovation Project Take 1

Before: Bathroom
And so it begins...this little effort is why my other shopping exploits have all but evaporated.  Here are a few photos recently taken of the apartment I am now officially allowed to rebuild, and make better than before.  Like the Six Million Dollar Man.  The goal is to save as much as possible...and do as little as bring this gem into the 21st Century, while maintaining its 1920's glow.  Interesting things such as NO ELECTRICAL OUTLETS IN THE BATHROOM make this a logistical challenge, but a quaint one at that.  Right now we are still in the waiting to exhale stage, but once we get our plans finalized and approved, the real work shall begin.  And so it goes.  

BEFORE: Bedroom, when still on market.

BEFORE: Front hall closet

BEFORE: Bathroom floor, after I cleaned it yesteray.  I think I'm going to try to save it!

BEFORE: Kitchen.  Scary stove - out.  Quaint cabinets, but they don't close so they got to go...

BEFORE: French door (love) heading into kitchen

BEFORE: Giant gas meter.  Giant refrigerator.  And look, another front door!

BEFORE: ...and...the Kitchen Sink.  Love.  Am restoring, keeping, and doing a jig around.

BEFORE: Living room windows. 

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Please keep us updated on the renovation. I love looking at pics of projects as they move along. Please post pics frequently if u can. Thanks
Happy new year!