Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ANNA Moves on Up...Still on the East Side


Store left

Store right

Store counter

ANNA Store window: ALL RIGHT!!

My favorite store in all the land has relocated 8 blocks north and 1.26 blocks west.  I visited last week and bought a great dress while visiting with Heather who assured me that I didn't look as "Rubenesque" as I thought I appeared in the mirror (I do, but thank you for being nice).

But I digress...With double the dressing room space, you and your alter ego can try on everything in the store in half the time!  There's also more floor space covered by a freshly lacquered wood floor that will come in handy when you need to check out how the dress you're trying on will look while you are dancing - preferably BREAK dancing, although you should probably buy the dress before you go and do that. 

With the finishing touches almost complete, the apparel is as fresh as always! (Although there is no expiration date on ANNA-gear).

And if that doesn't convince you to visit: the neighbors are not unworthy either: Pas de Deux and Veniero's, in particular.

330 E. 11th St.

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