Sunday, January 20, 2013

Milk & Honey: Design Your Own Shoes

While I have not seen what any of these shoes look like in person, I just spent about an hour designing a few pairs.  And I could easily spend countless hours on more.

In steps Milk & Honey: an online shoe company founded by sisters, based in Los Angeles.  

The site is extremely user-friendly. The options are endless; I'm not sure what the mathematical permutation is, but I think that infinity might be close to the number of combinations of styles you could come up with.  AND they cater to all types of shoe lovers:  Shoe Hootchie, Shoe Virgin, Shoe Maniac, Shoe Guru, Shoelapalosa, Shoe Jockey, Shoeless Joe Jackson ... you name it.

Read all about M&H in The New York Times here:

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