Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cushy Brands Soaps

Cushy Brands soaps could really only be from some non-U.S. entity, probably Japan, but in this case, London, England. Maybe you've heard of this place? Anyway I got four 175 g soaps (does anyone know how big this is in our ridiculous non-metric system? Well anyway they are BIG soaps) in Lime Cologne, Pink Fig, Lime Colada and Citrus Bliss. The smell makes me want to eat them. Or at least put them somewhere that doesn't smell that nice. I haven't washed myself with them yet, partially because I don't want to disrupt the over-the-top packaging. The little boxes are like mini-"drawers" in which you find your special bar of soap engraved with an "HB" or a "C" (not sure why...but let's just go with it). The Lime Colada and Citrus Bliss packages are adorned with tweaked animal creatures on one side and letters from "Honey Bunny" on the other (AH-HA! The "HB" mystery is solved!) with lines like this, "Kitty Colada has always been known as the most Fashionable and Stylish Cat in town. Being seen constantly sipping Cocktails in the most happening joints has become a ridiculous obsession!" (Has someone been reading my diary?) The soap flavo(u)r is described as "AWESOME WILD COCONUT AND EXOTIC LIME COCKTAIL" and the "drawer"-part looks like that fake wood paneling from a station wagon circa 1980. I think someone over there is on happy drugs. But better for the rest of us to enjoy the results!

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Anonymous said...

These soaps are cool, I bought some in the UK and they are delicioussss!