Monday, May 19, 2008

A Very Sacco Birthday

I really like the store Sacco. Problem is, it's a little bit too pricey for me. However, they have some really spot-on shoes and accessories, two of which I treated myself to for my birthday this weekend (I went to the one near Union Square). Additionally, they a running a little promo right now; if you buy one item you get 10% off, two items 15% off, and three items 20% off. It's not a complete windfall, but it provides you that little bit of encouragement you need to say, "oh what the heck!?"
The first, as you can see, is a pair of black suede sandals. They look a little bit dowdy, I agree. Until you put them on! Then they transform into this comfy solution to all of your seasonal shoe issues. You can wear them with anything and well into the early fall. A score indeed.
Then, I purchased this leather backpack - mainly because my Chiropractor told me to. But also because it turned out to be about $300 cheaper than the one I was considering having Jutta Neumann make for me. (Jutta's handcrafted leathers are really wonderful, but the price tags are just too much for me to justify. If you can stomach them, I suggest you check out her store on Allen St.) Anyway back to the pack - I also do really like it. It's simple and goes with everything and doesn't make me feel like a dork for wearing it.
See what happens? You get a year older and start wearing "health-conscious" apparel. Sigh...

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