Thursday, November 13, 2008

Case Study: Guerilla Shopper Works!

See the note from an avid GSNYC reader, regarding how my guerilla shopping tips helped her to achieve 'maximum sexy' at a reduced price on the pictured RL dress from Bloomingdale's:

"Got a great deal online 20% off, then another 20%, then another I just hope it fits!!! Do you think it will make me look like the girl in the picture??
Originally $144.00 got it for $93.00 and free shipping...
Thank you oh wise and wonderful guerilla!!!"


MKNJ said...

Now if you could only help me find the shoes!!!!

Guerilla Shopper said...

Jeez, GSNYC can only do so much to assist those who live over the mighty Hudson. I'm not a miracle worker! Go to: Not cheap but some stuff is on sale. What about making a trip to Seacaucus? I haven't been for a while, but there was a Kenneth Cole - and probably a couple shoe designers - out there. And finally, the Daffy's in Paramus often has (had?) pretty cool shoes on major discount.

Michelle said...

I did check out DSW and was sorely disappointed in their inventory. Secaucus is a good idea, haven't been in quite awhile. And you should mention the new outlets in Tinton Falls for your southern jersey readers : )

And if the shoes are right, I will take that dreaded trek in NYC!