Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Trans-City Quest: Club Monaco Jacket

So as I think I told you, Club Monaco had a 30% off sale on coats and other outerwear this past weekend. And as you may also know, they always have stuff on sale in the back left section in the Flatiron location (my favorite locale). Well, I tried on about 33 items and fell in love with this jacket. Hard to tell from this photo, but it evokes a certain military + Adam and the Ants circa 1981 feeling that just grabs me. However, they didn't have my size. So I asked if they could find out if another store in NYC had one. One salesman called to find out. I'm not sure what was going on, but it took no less than 15 minutes for him to get an answer, which was, "Yes, we have it at our store on Columbus. They are holding it for you."

Great! I asked for the cross street and he told me, "87th St."

So I walked to the subway and off I sped underground to be united with my (on sale) jacket. But when I got to 87th and Columbus guess what? Right. No Club Monaco. But I found one on 87th and Broadway. Oh joy! This must be the place! Wrong. They had it, but only in size "XS." However, they informed me that there was a store on Columbus...and 70th!

"Sigh, well, since I'm all the way up here I may as well check it out." So I walked the 19 blocks over and down, got to the store, explained how someone at their Flatiron store called to reserve this jacket for me.

Unfortunately they had no idea what I was talking about and looked at me like I was a wee bit nuts. My mission was probably too overwhelming to comprehend.

BUT! Just when I thought all hope (and an entire day) was lost, they found one in their basement! I tried it on, liked it, bought it and got back down to my apt. in time to construct a whole outfit around it for my evening plan.

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