Thursday, January 29, 2009

LA Was Not a Total Loss: Hotels & Handbags

I know, I missed me terribly. And I, you. But I am back from that city on the other side of the country. I stayed at the London yet again, and aside from the biggest bug that was hiding in my bath towel, the experience was great. And, we are all fortunate because while dining han-solo-style at the bar at Gordon Ramsay (which is on the ground floor of the hotel), I met a NYC-based handbag designer named Darren Wallace who I am now extremely anxious to see more from. The pictured bag is Parker Lamb Clutch - Redwood and if you go to his site you will see a couple other bags - including an award-winner that was featured on CBS this morning. Now, you all know that I am not a fan of the PURSE, but I am a sucker when meeting an artist in person! Stay tuned on this newcomer - he promises that his site will soon be more robust!


Sahil Singh said...

really awesome article .

thanks for share .!!


Anonymous said...

I think so too... ;) Thanks so much for the compliment, it was amazing meeting you!!! Darren