Monday, May 04, 2009

Burju: I Wanna Put on My My My My My Boogie Shoes

I was recently contacted to preview a new line of dance-inspired shoes called Burju Shoes. Not one to turn down such an offer, I obliged.
The line is designed by Burju Perez: a dancer, dance-studio owner, and established choreographer. She recognized a niche for women who wanted the comfort, engineering and support of a professional dance shoe, with contemporary style and design. Burju currently inventories over 50 styles of shoes (for men, women, and children), which can all be custom ordered in terms of color combination, width, height of heel, trim, detailing, and beadwork and are available internationally via the online store ( and in select retail boutiques worldwide. Most off the shelf pairs cost around $95, give or take.
OK, so now down to business. The pair I received, pictured above, is known as "Chic" and retails for $80. I kind of liken them to high-heeled slippers. You know the kind that you would see Marlene Dietrich or Mommy Dearest wearing with her fancy night case she had to break out into a ballroom number at midnight. Or maybe, to bring it into this century, they remind me of shoes one might buy on Canal Street for $40 or less. They don't have hard soles, so walking around the streets of New York is pretty much out of the question, and I also challenge their overall workmanship. However, I do find them kind of fun in a novelty sort of way - disposable shoes perhaps?

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