Thursday, May 28, 2009

VOTE: Independent Designer Handbag Awards

Hi all - see this handbag a.k.a. backpack? See it!? Well you can vote for it and ensure that my friend Darren Wallace wins the award for: Best Handmade Handbag at this year's Independent Designer Handbag Awards.
Made of royal blue cayman crocodile backpack and lined with black embossed cow hide, it has a zipper up the middle of the reverse side as well as a small pocket. It also features small embellishments including Swarovski crystals.
You can buy his well as other commissioned items of pop art, which I will include in another post.

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Anonymous said...

I voted for Darren because I had never seen a backpack like that before ever - It's amazing - I'm afraid of how much it must cost. Thanks for the link to the voting, it was fun seeing the work by the other designers too.