Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gold Skull Lariat from Howell

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg on June 6 & 7.
It was a swell time, I ran into people, tried to win the giant stuffed moustache (and didn't). And I didn't buy a thing. However, one item stuck in my head...and this is it: skulls-on-chain.

From Laura of Howell, the piece is made of vermeil (either 14k rose gold, 14k gold, and/or gunmetal), which means sterling silver electroplated with those precious metals. It measures 38 inches.

She is selling the pieces at Charlotte Ronson, and although she does not have e-commerce on her site, people can always buy by emailing her at

Her site should be up within the next week or two and will include images of about 20 different pieces that you can order from her directly via email.

The pictured item costs $130, and is available now.

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