Monday, January 04, 2010

The Necklace Quest Endeth at...Versani

I was in dire need of a multi-layered sterling silver chain necklace of above-average quality.  I scoured the web, I looked in every jewelry case I walked by.  And in the end I went back to a place that has delivered for me in the past: Versani (the one on Mercer St.).  I am glad I went to inspect it in person, because when I spied it on the Versani website, I was not an automatic convert.

They did have to remove the top, inside chain, as it was literally choking the life out of me, but once that was quickly and effectively completed, I became the necklace's proud new owner (see photos taken on a mousepad).  In fact I am wearing it now.

And no I didn't buy it for myself.  It is Xmas present #5 of seven.  I love presents, and especially seven of them.

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