Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shvitz-O-Meter: when the Big Apple is twice baked...

which retailers offer respite from heat so oppressive even pigeons pooped out in Central Park?

Skip the sample sales (heresy) and sample these alternatives to the official Bloomberg-approved cooling stations, measured in "icicles:" Best Buy on 86th and Lexington (5 icicles) so cold, you may need a cardigan, Metropolitan Museum of Art store (4 icicles) - skip the steps, and enter at base of museum - a Fifth Avenue hot air haven with no admission fee, Barnes & Noble (4 icicles) for air quailty, 1 for limited available seating, restroom and reading materials. Food Emporium @ 1450 Third Ave (82 St) - 3 icicles in store, 5 in freezer section.

Select smaller shops may offer a bigger blast, but you won't be part of the anonymous cool air seeking masses.
~nancy brenner, cool as ice.

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