Monday, February 14, 2011

Fashion Week: Report from the Front - Zang Toi

So is there anyone who doesn't love Zang Toi designer and his handmade in Manhattan $30,000 nude colored Grand Finale gown (black beading in Mumbai) modeled by runway newbie Jill Zarin? Toi offers the opulance once afforded by Russian oligarchs with emerald hue-furs and and matching gala necklace with heiress chocker. ABT Ballet's new principal dancer Cory Stearns ruled the runway and the audience who collectvely lean forward to absorb his swashbuckling presence. Models swished down the catwalk with skyscraper hair that would make Marge Simpson wish she had a little more height in her beehive.

The show was part the Who's Tommy, Madonna at Madison Square Garden, and a night at the opera sans fear of falling performers, like Spider Man. Silks, tafettas, cashmeres at if-you-have-to-ask-you-can't afford-it prices had the Davos crowd in a pre-market crash, "what unemployment numbers?" kind of mode. Melinda Gates is a frequent front-row fan.

Buddy, can you spare $30,000?
/nancy brenner

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