Monday, February 21, 2011

Report from Coterie - SKIP the SPANX: Contour Patrol NUE BY SHANI

The war on tugging, pulling on body slips, half slips and skinny britches under full slips could finally be over. Oprah is already a fan. According to designer Shani Grosz, the line allows you to undress in your own bedroom or a busy Loehmann's communal dressing room without looking like you've stripped down to scuba instruction gear. NUE by Shani(TM) has put the shaping into the dress to firm and control common trouble spots - midsection, backs and thighs. Shani says the hem has a special coating at the bottom that keeps the liner in place and eliminates that embarrassing feeling when your blue skirt rides up and a funny colored non-matching, non-descript undergarment is peaking through underneath - practically tweeting - "see my shapewear."

The Body Architecture(TM) comes in a range of colors, so you don't have to stick with black. Missed some days at the gym? Camouflage arm jiggle from a few missed gym jams with spot-on Fall 2011 trend - sleeves with flounces! I suspect that women buying the line at Lord & Taylor, 600 speciality stores and in 44 countries are tossing their salad forks by the wayside in celebration. Middle East customers wear the colorful garmets to women-only "dress to impress" parties. Shani, will there be a line for men?

The line retails from $200-$350. Sizes 4-16.

/Nancy Brenner

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