Thursday, March 10, 2011

International hair accessories designer Colette Malouf Talks Tress Trends

In Japan, they don't like a hair out of place. They love hairpins and hair combs, collecting many of my pieces because they appreciate finely crafted accessories by artisans around the globe.

Korean women are just as discerning about quality and they prefer sexy where Japanese girls like girlish or feminine and sophisticated.

In the Gulf countries, the key is what will flatter while fitting under their head scarves. In the Middle East they still love gold.

Turkish women are extremely sophisticated. They are adventurism in their style and mix high with low in a beautiful way combining local costume jewelry with diamonds.

Headbands rule in China where global trends prevail. They value foreign brands.

In Hong Kong, novelty and Euro styling is the rule. Gold is favored over muted metal tones and the lux customer is very feminine.

And in the USA? Women tend to be more more casual but the Colette customer is very global and therefore adventurous. Novel and artistic pieces are favorites here.

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