Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weisel Worth Winging to West Side

Even if you don't have a red carpet moment in your near future, you'll be paparazzi-prepped in Heidi Weisel confections. Skeptical about an "extended" sample sale with new pieces added westward on 14th Street
near Ninth Avenue, I was surprised by the high-end fabrics (ostrich feathers and chiffon cashmere and fur), and fit of the collection retailing at Neiman Marcus (and up to 90% off retail discount). While there were only a few racks, you didn't have to fend off competition for the mirror or candid feedback from the sales assistant. Sample size (2-6). Cash only. Last sale day is Thursday.

420 W. 14th St
Suite 4SE
/nancy brenner

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