Monday, April 04, 2011

Earbuds & Apple

I went to the new Apple store in the Meatpacking last week, and while I've determined that I am truly not an earbud fan (Maybe my ears are malformed?  Maybe I am really Vulcan?  Whatever the issue, they never stay put), but I am a fan of the Apple store.  I am sure this has been written about several thousand times, but not only is Apple ahead of the curve on consumer tech goods and gadgets, they are also ahead on retail/POS.  A staff member rushed over to me, took my credit card on the spot, and emailed me my receipt.  I didn't need to wait on line, or deal with cash registers, or a paper receipt - a truly modern take on perhaps what every store should strive for.  On the spot help.  This could certainly help reduce defecting customers, or customers who come into your store, find a product, and then buy it from a competitor's website FROM INSIDE YOUR STORE like a retail horror film.
Don't give them a chance - give them stellar and immediate service!

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