Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top Shop: It's Gotta be the Shoes

Mission: Nothing's Impossible (in NYC).

These tremendously cool shoes that hearken back to the days of the dandy highwaymen, or at least Adam and the Ants interpretation of them, were up for grabs at New York City's modern day version of Fiorucci, otherwise known as TOP SHOP.  Yes, it's a g*ddamned zoo in there, but my savvy guerilla friend convinced the affable salespeople that these were on the 20% off sale rack (we aren't sure if they were or not) and she pointed out a "smudge" for which they deducted another 10%.  So what would have/should have cost $150, ended up running a cool $86 and change. 

Just don't, step on her blue suede shoes.

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