Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Report from the Front: Moschino, Alberta Ferretti

Die-hards should know better. Really. Checking your wallets at the coat check!?  People, you need lessons in protecting your assets. 

Mother-daughter duos abounded - one had to chasten her daughter that she was not going to buy her 20 Moschino tees - maybe only 10.  Another sign that the economy has rebounded - at least in some households - is that Aeffe did not need to offer an additional 20% discount off the lowest price as has been the custom at the last few sample sales.  Price for some of the goods, even Moschino Cheap and Chic, weren't all that cheap - I spotted and put down a sweater that was near the $400 range.  Some lines were only at 60% discount off of retail and buyers bragged of better bargains at Saks consolidation sales.  Check back on last day Saturday for mark downs.  The well-dressed crowd at 56th between Fifth and Sixth Avenues is polite and polished - check the racks for their leftovers. 

30 West 56th Street

/nancy brenner

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