Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Deep Thoughts...Sean John & Virgin Megastore

Just a couple of quick observations du jour:

The Sean John store on 5th Ave. across from the NY Public Library appears to be gone.  Frankly, the mannequins in the window were weird and I don't think I ever saw anyone go in or out of there.  I have some level of authority on this as I work on the same block.  My man Sean P Diddy Puffy Combs is a fine businessman and dresses well (my mother even said so), but this label/store never has really made sense to me.

The very young and departed Virgin Megastore in Union Square is now a Duane Reade and Citibank.  Whoa.  Next thing you're going to tell me is there's a TGI Friday's...wait WHAT?!  I think every area with a "Square" attached to it in NYC is doomed to go the way of corporate chain.  Let's just wait and see how that theory plays out in Washington Square Park.  Oh, wait, that's NYU's spot, the other corporate chain that owns all real estate in town.

Can we get a do-over?  I feel like a reset to 1980 is in order here. 


SSmithNY said...

Nordstrom Rack is in the old Virgin space.

Guerilla Shopper said...

ah, yes, they are in the basement region of that piece of block as well. I just hadn't noticed the DR and Citi until yesterday and was dismayed.