Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Colette malouff 15 leather cuffs

Hair accessories are everywhere - from last night's closing number on Glee to Tony nominated "Anything Goes."  Head thee to premiere Colette Malouf where every look from bridal to tribal is interpreted in luxe materials like fox (a hair clip in white that retails for $225, here $50), leather and silk.  A sample sale priced better than bargain bins at drug stores with the look of Henri Bendel. True sample prices $1 - $75.  Lots in the $5 and $15 categories including jeweled head straps, earrings, silk pins, leather adorned bobby pins (you'll have to see them for yourself) and hair clips - ask Colette to show you how to style your hair in a French twist, chignon or any manner and she will show you tricks your hairdresser never will.  Your biggest dilemma will be deciding what not to buy - from selection which is so expansive it will require reviewing the room two or three times so you won't miss any treasures. 

594 Broadway (between E. Houston and Prince St.), suite 1216 - near Broadway Lafayette - today and tomorrow until 7p.

/nancy brenner

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