Monday, May 09, 2011

Go Ga Ga at Gant: Report From the Preview

This sale had the eerie calm of a library from the era when people still went their to study - pre-Kindle and nook e-book check outs.  Busy. Studied. Serious. All business.  The opposite of a well-priced women's sale.  Go for yourself, Father's Day, or to scoop up presents for graduations, bar-mitzvahs or whatever may come your way.  20 West 55th Street, until 6:30 today.  Starts tomorrow through Friday.  Men's outerwear is $50 for a light piece, $98 for a heavy piece.  Ties are $19. Everything from socks to swimwear can be found.  Men seemed to be walking out with whole wardrobes for themselves and their families - immediate and extended.  Get there before the eye of the storm hits at lunchtime when chaos may ensue. 
/nancy brenner

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SS said...

Wait, were people allowed to buy anything at the preview today? For some reason they didn't send invites to today's preview, but maybe it was because you weren't allowed to buy anything...