Thursday, July 07, 2011


OK, I can't ever shop during the week either.  But I took advantage of my staycation (sorry for using that overused term...I haven't yet come up with an alternate) and shopped like it was my job. Well, at least the one I get paid for.  The stores are empty!  The salespeople are nice(r)!  And during the summer you get to take advantage of free A/C!

So between gift cards, coupons, and sales, I was able to get almost everything I need.  I'm still looking for that perfect khaki-colored summer pencil skirt, but in the meantime was able to score the following:

-Narrow, stretch, longish black shorts at Anthropologie (see pic). Yes, I buy the only thing that is black in that entire store. And on sale for $40!  I also picked up a sweet smelling candle-in-a-tin.  And this all cost me $3.02 because I had a $50 gift card.

-Carmen MarcValvo swimsuits at Paragon Sports? And 30% off! I have tons of trouble finding bathing suits that fit and don't make me look like a corpse. But this suit fits, is comfortable, makes me look fancy, and is in a color I never thought I would ever buy (but is the perfect anti-corpser, see pic). At $101, this suit is still pricey...but when you find a suit that doesn't make you cry, you buy it.

-Quality tank-tops, 2 for $25 at Madewell...white, grey, black. They snap back into shape!  I can't stand when my tank tops stretch out in the humid summer heat and then suddenly, I'm schlumpy.  I bought two white ones, for layering purposes (see pic).

-Flats, sneakers, socks...isn't this what DSW is really for?  I had a $10 off coupon, and somehow ended up spending $90+.  But I have already worn everything that I bought, so t'was well-worth it.  I spied a pair of black suede stretch Stuart Weitzman boots with very low heel. WOW. THE ultimate find. Unfortunately, these booties, even at DSW, cost two legs, and therefore you can't ever wear them ($450, on sale from $650).  But if you're not mega-rich, just really damn rich, you might think this is well worth it.  And as of Tuesday, there several pairs - including a 9.5 and an 8.5.

-Urban Zen. I have been trying to get into this place for years, but it's closed on Sundays, which seems to be the only day I find myself in the West Village.  So, today, I got inside and learned that it's affiliated with a Donna Karan foundation and anywhere from 10%-100% of the proceeds go to worthy causes, such as to artisans from Haiti. Interesting.  So after they gave me some samples of magical eye and face lotions from Morocco, I felt obliged to buy a heart-shaped rock to benefit Haiti for $15...which actually ended up being $16.33 with sales tax, which struck me as odd, but I have put it next to my bed and decided it will bring me great good fortune.

-Who knew there was a Ted Baker in the Meatpacking district?  Probably lots of people.  But I didn't - I always go to the one in Soho. Anyway, I like the store, though nothing really fits me. But if the brand fits you, run in there because they are having a 50% off sale right now.

-And in closing I finally got to the Alexander McQueen store on 14th St., which reminded me of a museum and also reminded me of the stores of yore in Soho. I'm pretty sure the salespeople in there hated me in my over sized army pants and canvas Nikes, but it kind of makes it all the more fun, frankly. 

Those are the highlights as I rode the urban retail heatwave...burning in my heart.


JayZeeNYC said...

Alternative to staycation: "cheapscape."

I know that's the truth. I went shopping for a suit at Nordstrom's Rack today, and had both the dressing room attendant and the tailor bringing me suits to try. Ended up with a nice navy pinstripe number for under $450 with tailoring.

Guerilla Shopper said...

Did you get a NY Yankees uniform?