Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ralph's Ice Cream & Italian Ices on E. 24th St.

I'm not entirely sure why this place isn't the most mobbed spot in town, but for now I am happy that it's not.  Located out a window right across from Baruch, Ralph's offers tons of flavors of ices, as well as ice cream, smoothies, something called an "iceberg," and sundaes (how about a toasted marshmallow crunch?). 
I had a medium passion fruit water ice (as opposed to a 'cream ice,' e.g. cannoli or banana), and it was super awesomely delicious and didn't cost both arms and a leg (it was $3.50). 

I just dig how this place is set up, what they offer, and the fact that it seems to be still flying under the radar.  The only issue I have is that they sometimes use Styrofoam cups. 

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