Thursday, August 30, 2007

CBGBs - Final Nail in the ...

I suppose most of you have heard that Hilly Kristal, founder and owner of CBGBs passed away this week, finally and sadly succumbing to lung cancer at the age of 75. There had been discussions that the venue would be moving to Las Vegas, and perhaps that could still happen, but without the originator's involvement, it will merely become another Hard Rock Cafe. The fact that not only CBGBs closed, but also a CBGBs store now exists on St. Mark's is the first indication that this will certainly be its destiny. And St. Mark's is becoming Haight-Ashbury anyway, just a capitalist shrine to something that once was. People clamoring to buy a fake artifact in a futile attempt to gain an identity, which actually becomes a group identity among a group that has none.

Watch this clip of Johnny Rotten from his short-lived Rotten Television show for further similar insight:


Kim said...

amen, sista!
that store makes me wanna puke.

Fashion Plus Jewelry said...

Thanks for the post Hon. I tried to comment yesterday, but word verification was not working.

RIP - Hilly.