Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Curry in a Hurry LIVES!

Several months ago I wrote about how Curry in a Hurry was closed for an undetermined / unannounced amount of time. I communicated my dismay...because when you are in a hurry, this 28th St. and Lex Ave. hot-spot provides you with a variety of curries, quickly.

Well it reopened a little while ago, but since I don't live in the 'hood at present, I haven't been able to frequent it like I used to. Which is probably a good thing since it's not exactly "health food." Why is it that I think if fast food is "ethnic" that it is good for me and not fattening like pizza or McDonald's?

Anyway, I don't know why C in a H was closed, and I could not tell if any real changes had been made, but notice that the "Best N.Y.C. Indian Buy" line has been "blued" out on the top floor window shade thingy. So either the prices went up or the quality of food went down. I'll put my money on the former. If I have any left.

Oh Curry in a Hurry!, I kid, I kid.

xoxox GSNYC

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