Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kenneth Cole Kicks

So on my travels southward last week I encountered a younger (not by much!) male version of yours truly, the Guerilla Shopper.

I first noticed his shoes in the airport (it's the shoes money, it's gotta be the shoes) and didn't yet know that he and I were going to the same place! When I ran into him later on, I took the opportunity to admit my shoe admiration at which time I learned there was another pair that would make its debut the following day (brown/tan). Don't they look lovely against the puke-carpet that covered the entire hotel? I haven't seen a worse floor covering since I was in Reno in the 80s.

Anyway, he explained that he made his "kicks score" at an 80% off sale at Kenneth Cole store at the Chestnut Hill Mall in Mass. A man after my own wallet saving initiative, indeed!

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